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Why Does It Take

40 Lessons To Build

Student Resiliency?

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Why it takes at least 40 lessons to increase student resilience.


ALAS Resilience Builder is designed to change student behavior not just teach skills.

Almost anyone can learn a new skill. Students can be taught personal asset skills. The question is will they use them to develop resiliency?

What counts is putting the new asset skill into practice. Research shows that to change behavior or replace an old habit requires an individual to apply and practice the skill in real life situations and to generalize the skill to new situations. ALAS Resilience Builder does not just present instruction in personal asset skills, the curriculum also gives instruction in behavior change strategies. ALAS Resilience Builder is 40 lessons because it applies many techniques to motivate, prompt, and coach students to generalize and apply the asset skills to their daily life so they can change and enhance their performance.

ALAS Resilience Builder gives students the time and support to develop resilience through extended coaching, review and application activities.

As previously stated, to build resilience a student must use personal asset skills. This does not happen automatically. Students have to be helped to apply new skills before they can do so independently. That just makes sense. In order to use the skills taught in the program and actually build resilience to enhance their life and daily school performance, at-risk youth need sustained encouragement and coaching from the asset builder teacher and they need the support of class peers over an extended period of time. ALAS Resilience Builder is 40 lessons because this gives the teacher sufficient time to insure that each student is consistently applying the asset skills to improve their school performance outside of class. The ALAS Resilience Builder curriculum trains the teacher to help students apply and generalize skills.

ALAS Resilience Builder is comprehensive and teaches many personal asset skills critical for building resilience in youth. This takes time.

The Search Institute has identified 40 developmental assets for youth ages 12-18. Youth who live with hardship haven't had the opportunity to develop many assets, yet assets are critical for educational and life success. The ALAS Resilience Builder is 40 lessons because it builds a huge set of youth asset skills needed to develop resilience. The curriculum includes instruction in:

  • 1. Self-Control Skills
  • 2. Social Problem Solving Skills
  • 3. Positive Attitude Skills
  • 4. Assertive Skills

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