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ALAS Resilience Builder
Middle School

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Research tested at-risk students...
  • Earned significantly higher report card grades
  • Received significantly fewer classroom removals
  • Reduced school dropout by 50 percent
  • Earned significantly more high school credits
Research-tested incarcerated youth...
  • Received significantly higher staff ratings
  • Promoted significantly more on living units
  • Received significantly fewer behavior reports
  • Earned significantly more phase level promotions

Research tested inner city paroled youth...
  • Significantly reduced overall arrests and arrest rates
  • Served significantly fewer recommitment days
  • Significantly reduced arrests for violent crimes
  • Significantly reduced drug use
  • Significantly increased school and job attendance
  • Cut the average parole costs by 50 percent


Each course comes with...
  • Content effective for all middle school grade levels
  • Implementation Manual with flexible program options
  • Detailed Teacher's Guide
  • Teacher's Core Concepts Guide for each lesson
  • 40 fully Scripted Lessons
  • 40 Student Worksheets for duplication
  • 23 Student Vocabulary Worksheets for duplication
  • 10 Journal Assignments
  • 20 Student Posters
  • Lessons aligned with Language Arts standards
  • Action oriented homework assignments
  • Individual and group activities
  • Formative and summative assessment tools
  • License to duplicate student worksheets, student vocabulary worksheets, journal assignments, student posters, and student self assessment worksheets


FREE Professional development...
  • Expert support always available via telephone
  • Access to a community of implementors
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