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Teach Your Child to Operate with Optimism™ 

by Dr. Katherine Larson

Parents ask me all the time, Katherine, what is the MOST important personal mastery skill I can teach my child, so they will thrive in the global economy and uncertainties of the 21st Century?

What I tell parents is this...

OPTIMISM is one of the most important skills your child can learn.

Learning how to maintain optimism is key to your child's future!

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Self Esteem is Over Rated Go for a Sense of Mastery

by Dr. Katherine Larson

Watch Out if You Focus too Much on Feeling Good!

So, for years our children have been surrounded by adults scurrying around protecting and propping up how they feel about themselves.

I know from experience that it's easy as a parent to be tempted to rush in and prop up our children's feelings when we see them failing or even struggling with some activity.



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