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Raise Inspired Kids is an organization that provides training and assistance to schools, families, correctional organizations, and community youth organizations to help youth prosper in the 21st Century.


Raise Inspired Kids focuses on the future and on making it possible for all youth to learn the self-mastery skills and attitudes required to thrive in the 21st Century.

Raise Inspired Kids is dedicated to supporting strategies, practices and programs that are research tested and demonstrate compelling promise for youth.

Raise Inspired Kids envisions success for all young people and envisions the capacity of all stakeholders – youth, parents, educators and community – to contribute to each youth's personal success.

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Raise Inspired Kids
offers …

  • coaching and training
  • technical assistance and consulting
  • program assessment
  • youth curriculum

Raise Inspired Kids is the sole provider of …

  • Alas Dropout Prevention
  • Resilience Builder©


Raise Inspired Kids inspires and partners with schools, through ALAS DROPOUT PREVENTION programs, to build the school's capacity to sustain educational reform and transformation by implementing tested, practical and powerful prevention and intervention strategies to reduce student dropout and increase student engagement and learning in at- risk youth.

Raise Inspired Kids inspires and partners with parents to build the capacity to teach their children to embrace self-responsibility and become the active creators of a successful future by developing self-mastery and problem solving skills required for success in the 21st Century.

Raise Inspired Kids inspires and partners with correctional and community organizations to build their capacity to serve youth and families by giving parents and youth skills and resources to boost resilience, persistence and optimism for bettering their personal lives and their community.

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Dr. Katherine Larson is Executive Director of Raise Inspired Kids.

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Magda Neil, M.S., is Senior Trainer for ALAS Dropout Prevention.

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