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About Us

Raise Inspired Kids is focused on the future and the new skills that children and youth must learn to thrive in the new times!

The purpose of Raise Inspired Kids is to empower and inspire parents and children of all ages to create a life full of confidence, optimism, purpose and compassion in order to create harmony and abundance in their own lives and in the world at large.

Our Mission
Our Assumptions and Beliefs
About Dr. Katherine Larson

Our Mission

The Company empowers parents by providing practical, cutting edge parenting skills from breakthrough knowledge in success psychology, neurobiology and human development. This training is provided through parent coaching, teleseminars and other media and digital products.

The Company inspires parents by providing teleseminar access to experts and thought leaders from around the world. These leading experts provide transformative knowledge and insights useful to parents from the frontiers of child psychology, sociology, neuroscience, business, personal development, physical science, education, parenting, and spiritual arenas.

Raise Inspired Kids will except nothing less than enriching the lives of participating families and will create a fully transparent relationship with our clients at all times.

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Our Assumptions and Beliefs

At Raise Inspired Kids, we believe that attitudes have always been the key to success. We believe the importance of attitude has never been more crucial than now for this time in human history.

We believe children face a vastly different world from the past. We believe the requirements for daily living will be completely different from what we see today.

We believe that, as first generation "GLOBALERS," youth must have the skills to live in harmony with exceedingly rapid chronic change, continuous uncertainty, extensive diversity, deep global competition and profound new technologies.

We believe kids today are on the threshold of an amazing future and life journey with vast new possibilities never before realized by human beings.

We believe youth of today need NEW skills to thrive in such a world.

We believe that youth who learn the new mindsets, attitudes and personal mastery skills will lead a winning life!

We believe that kids that don't learn these new personal mastery skills will be left to STRUGGLE in a world that feels overwhelming and "not what they were prepared for."

We believe that all youth and parents can learn these new skill sets and transform their lives immediately. We believe these skill sets can be taught from birth through old age and that it is never too early nor too late to acquire these winning attitudes.

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Dr. Larson has authored or co-authored many articles in highly regarded publications...

About Dr. Katherine Larson

Dr. Larson is a nationally recognized scholar in the field of education and is a Researcher Emeritus from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

As founder and owner of Raise Inspired Kids, Dr. Larson has advised and coached parents around the world for over fifteen years and is a leading expert in advising parents how to turn parenting challenges into opportunities for teaching children attitude skills from the science of personal mastery.

Dr. Larson has published extensively and been an invited speaker to many conferences focusing on youth and families. She has served as an expert witness at both California State hearings and U.S. Department of Education hearings. Dr. Larson is widely acclaimed in various fields related to youth development.

Dr. Larson explains that the incredible success of her intervention programs for high risk youth is due in large part to teaching high risk youth the skills of personal mastery and the mindset of success as well as coaching youth workers and educators how to empower children with these skills and attitudes.

Her breakthrough study on the prevention of violence and crime by juvenile gang members is recognized as a best practice in juvenile correction intervention and was shown to powerfully reduce recidivism and gang involvement.

Dr. Larson's nationally recognized school dropout prevention and intervention program for youth is identified as exemplary and significant and is endorsed by the What Works Clearing House, the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition, and the National High School Center.

Dr. Larson has her Masters Degree in the field of learning disabilities and behavior disorders with a joint specialty in gifted education. She has a life teaching credential in special education and secondary education and was a special education teacher for eight years. Dr. Larson received her Ph.D. in education in 1985 from the University of California. And finally, Dr. Larson has received extensive training in the field of personal development and neurolinguistic programming.

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