Magda Neil is Senior Trainer for ALAS Dropout Prevention, and Director of Parent Education for Raise Inspired Kids. Mrs. Neil holds a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology with specialization in Child and Family Counseling and a K-12 Pupil Personnel Services credential. She has more than twenty years experience as a school and family counselor at elementary, middle and high school level. Mrs. Neil currently serves as a faculty member at California State University, Northridge, where she lectures and supervises graduate students in the field of School Counseling.

Mrs. Neil has received many community awards and public recognition for her work such as:

  • City Of Glendale Mayors Commendation Honoring
  • Certificate of Special California Congressional Recognition
  • County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors
  • Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate
  • California Legislature Assembly


Mrs. Neil is a leading expert in family counseling, parent training and family preservation and serves as a consultant and trainer with the Los Angeles Department of Children Services, County's Mental Health Department, and the Los Angeles County Office of Education. She gives many parenting workshops to foster parents, and she develops and presents bilingual workshops designed to train parents how to support their children's education.

Mrs. Neil has formal training in the Nonviolent Communication Program and general conflict resolution skills and trains students, teachers and parents in conflict resolution. She serves as a consultant for the Los Angeles area schools to develop tolerance among culture groups. She has the highest level of expertise in training and engaging community agencies to advocate for youth and families, and urging the legal system to embrace more holistic perspectives on youth intervention.

Mrs. Neil is very experienced with the ALAS strategies and is highly experienced and successful in coaching teachers and school administrators to implement ALAS strategies, policies and innovations that facilitate high-risk youth's success both academically and socially.