How do we learn how to implement an ALAS program at our site?

There are two ways to go. If you have strong lead staff in place who are experienced with implementing support for at-risk students, are experienced in training other school staff, and familiar with the ALAS model, and if your school staff are on board to make changes, and if your site has completed a needs assessment of your program and students, then your site might be best served using our ALAS SCAFFOLD COACHING.

This is weekly support coaching provided to 1 to 3 lead site staff via telephone. This coaching is very powerful and helps sites implement ALAS while avoiding many pitfalls, circumnavigating barriers and solving inevitable challenges in school, home, and community contexts.

Coaching can be provided with three month contracts or an annual contract.

If on the other hand, your school is just beginning to make ALAS type school site changes, and if a variety of school staff need to be brought on board about the needed changes, and if your site does not already have plans created to implement ALAS interventions, then your site may be best served by our COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM.