What is the ALAS Scaffold Coaching?

In this coaching model, lead ALAS trainers, provide personalized and customized support and knowledge to the lead school staff (1 to 3 people) in the following areas:

  • set and reach weekly goals for implementing the program
  • handle any problems the client identifies
  • help the client gain personal insight into how they can be most effective
  • maintain the client's enthusiasm and energy
  • identify needs of various stakeholders and create win-win strategies
  • anticipate problems, challenges or resistances as the program moves forward
  • handle problems, challenges or resistances as the program moves forward
  • create presentations for various stakeholder groups as needed for support
  • create needed tracking forms, memos, etc.
  • handle misunderstandings, upsets, roadblocks or resistances from various stakeholders
  • develop and implement youth motivation and bonding strategies
  • implement effective and personalized interventions for individual youth
  • develop methods to measure progress or program evaluation
  • create systems for monitoring youth's attendance and school work
  • work with parents effectively and enhance engagement and involvement and parent training
  • work with community agencies effectively and innovatively