What is the ALAS Comprehensive Training Program?

ALAS Dropout Prevention staff, who have expert knowledge and experience with implementing ALAS strategies at school sites, will design a customized sustainable program for your school and train your school staff as needed. ALAS staff work with your school staff for an entire school year via on-line or teleconferencing resources to provide needed coaching, support, and problem solving on an individual or school wide basis.

The training is geared to build the capacity of each school as a whole as well as key school staff who are responsible for implementing proven ALAS strategies that build the capacity of the community-school partnership, the parent and caregiver community, and the at-risk student population. ALAS staff are experienced in providing meaningful and unique training to various stakeholders at each school.

Through on-line and technical resources. ALAS Dropout Prevention is aware that funds and the time of school staff are very limited. Consequently, ALAS Dropout Prevention has developed a method to utilize cost-effective technological resources to provide most, if not all, the training to school staff. Webinars, chats, video conferencing, teleseminars, conference calls, tweets, audio downloads, and on-line modules are all utilized to bring customized training to the school staff in the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective manner. These technical resources allow training to be scheduled at the convenience of various staff and save school staff transportation time and cost. Additionally, for very little extra cost, these "virtual" meetings can be recorded so anyone absent will not miss out and the school can re-use the recordings in out years as booster training. These technical resources also create the opportunity to provide necessary on-going and sustained training and support, both formally and informally, as well as maximize communication between school staff and with other school communities who are implementing ALAS.