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What did you like about this program?

They teach me, and help me with my problems.

It helped me think that school is really important in life.

What I liked about this program was that they helped me try jarder in class and give me all the help that I needed.

I liked the fact that people were there throughout my troubles and helped me no matter what I did.

The thing I liked a bout this program was that even though I had to come to school on Saturday I actually learned something, and I was getting alot of help thanks to the touters.

I liked some of the coaches and that they were there forme. They also helped we w/anything that I needed.

Well it held me alot. The reason it helped me alot was because it helped go through a lot. I was having family problems and personal issues that they helped me with.

What I liked about ths program is that they tried to make me do good in School.

That it helped me a lot through out all of my classes. It helped me understand a lot of my assignments better.

Lots of people were ther to help when I neede it.

The program gave me time to make up work and influence me to bring up my grades.

You guys did a great job by keeping me on the right track. You guys helped me because I knew that you would have always been there to let me know that I have to work hard. You guys helped me by talking and telling me the right thing to do.

This program helped because they checked up on me and my grades. And on Saturday sessions it helped me make up my work.

They helped me with everything and thre isn othing that they shouldn't helped me with.

I like how this program motivates and helps students achive in school and I don't want to change anything.

The alas program is very good. It is very helpful. The Counslears are great they help us with anything. If they see that we are falling off track they help us to raise all the grades up. And if they think that we are doing good they reward us. They are such good people they stay on Saturdays to help us.

One thing that helped me a lot is make me come to school on Saturdays and that made me pass my science class. The second thing is that I wish I could continue this program for next time.

They really helped me on my homeworks, and I really feel that I improve in my lessons. I am really doing my homeworks hard and by helping to me I really get improved.

Well this year was a really are freshman year I went through alot. This program helped me get through it my grades went up and they helped my year go better. Now I'm a better student and changed. Thanks Mrs. Neil and Ira I love you guys.

2 things i enjoyed were… Saturday School because it helped me out a lot. Also how friendly you guys were and how you guys were nice and helpful There is nothing you could change!

You guys made me come at Saturday and we did my HW, and you guys help me with Math.

What I liked about this program is if I had a problem on my homework I could come and ask for help.

The inturn that I was with made shure I did all of my work when I was soposto. She offered me help when I needed it. She was willing to stay on Saturday to help us, and that helped alot with my progress.

I liked how they would call me to 401 and talk to me about my grades and how I could improve my grades.

It gave me a great learning enviroment. It was quiet so I could get my work done.

I liked the way that they helped to me in what problems that I had in my lessons. They were really helpful and polite to me.

It helped me succeed in life and now Im passing all my classes and now I feel good about my grades.

I liked how they kept me on check. They helped me find what I was getting in all my classes and how I could improve. They kept motivating me to.

It helped me sucsed in life.

I like the way that this program helped me when I was in need or help during school hours, I enjoy the positive feed back that kept me barniny

What I liked about it was that it help me raise my grades higher and im proud of myself.

That it set goals for you.

I like this program because this program helped me alot with improving grade so make sure students stay on right track and doesn't get confused.

They let us come over the weekend to work on homework and other class stuff.

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How did this program help you?

It made me study more and I'm starting to pass all my classes.

It helped me to thing more about School and doing my work.

It helped me to bring my grades up in biology and math.

I got my grades up, there still poor but I know if I have this kind of help in the future then I can positively suceed in my highschool years.

They gave me encouragement and showed me what I need to graduate, I also got extra help on homework and projects.

I liked it because they were always on top of me and caring about everything I did.

It helped me with alot of things. Some of my grades went up.

Yes it did help me for my grades and test scores.

Helped me or encouraged me to do my classwork or homework and finish them in time for when its due.

They always tried to help with all my problems and questions, they helped me allot.

I would have liked them to check more on work + grades. And to do more make up days. THANK YOU!.

They offered help when we needed it and they talked with our teachers to make share we did what we are suposto do.

This program helps me because it organizes me and also prepares me for the future.

Getting out of class sometimes and it got grades up. Also I helped myself by building my confidence and helping more.

It help me improve in all my classes. Especially Claira motivated me and told me what I had to do so that I can pass my classes. She helped me find out what I was missing and what I was getting in the classroom.

This program helped me sucseed and at times they would call me to room 401, and I would get away from some 5-10 minuts, that would kill the urge for me ditching.

It helped me by looking at the sheet of paper that we had to give the teachers for the grades.

It helped me in school and sometimes persinal stuff.

This program helped me with improving grades and find away to get a better grade

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