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"Katherine Larson is a woman of tremendous talents and abilities. Katherine's wisdom, kindness, knowledge and understanding has been of tremendous support to members in the group. She inspires all of us who know her."

Kerry Johnson
Santa Paula Unified School District

"Magda Neil is an accomplished facilitator of workshops and her skills in this area are greatly enhanced by her ability to put people at ease and to mobilize a diverse group to accept a challenge of personal and professional growth and to stay on track with their stated purpose."

Corie Skolnick, M.S, MFT
Psychology Professor
California State University Northridge

"I've always found Katherine to be a wonderful mix of enthusiasm and common sense. She has a deep commitment to children."

Wendy P.Basil, Ph.D.
Family Therapist

"Mrs. Neil's ability to approach everything with compassion and professionalism has proven to be the driving force behind her results. Most importantly for her position, she is highly regarded by administrators, parents, teachers, and members of the professional community."

Aixa M. Carbonell
Director of Instruction
Vaughn Next Century Learning Center
San Fernando, CA

"The sage advice offered by Dr. Katherine Larson has been a tremendous help! Dr. Larson offered support, tips, ideas and stories that have shown me how to interact with children in a loving, compassionate and powerful way that builds mutual respect and understanding and that completely empowers children."

Camille Diaz
Owner of Curricubits

"After many hours of discussion with Mrs. Neil about her cases, it became clear that she is very skilled at identifying and addressing issues of cultural conflict, particularly when these affect students' academic progress and general well-being."

Beverly Cabello, Ph.D.
California State University, Northridge

"Katherine is herself a highly gifted and inspired individual. Katherine always expands my thinking by offering a creative new approach to resolving my concern. When Katherine speaks, people listen closely because they know her point will be insightful, truthful, essential, and considerate."

Karin Brinkley
Retired Teacher and Administrator

"Katherine, thank you for your heart and your belief in these kids, that they can and do make a difference in the world! I have seen it in Room 14. You came in each Friday and addressed issues that touch their own lives. You are such a positive influence at our school! Thank you!"

Mary Beth Sheaffer
Ventura Unified School District

"I admire Mrs. Neil's numerous talents and recognize her as a person who creates satisfaction by being of service to others."

Judyth Sandino, Ph.D.
Penny Lane Foster Families
North Hills, CA

"Katherine takes the complex and distills it into the simple so that it can be tackled. I have benefited from the non-judgmental insights and factual assessments Katherine offers in such a compassionate way. Katherine's abilities combine seamlessly in her western-scientific and eastern-philosophic approaches. The result is a unique synergy that is a gift to those with whom she works!"

Cynthia Snell
Ventura, CA

"Katherine's knowledge and expertise are invaluable to educators and parents! She truly knows the business of educating inspired kids! I find Katherine to be consistently compassionate, enthusiastic and committed to schools, families and youth. Her research background and knowledge is cutting edge. Her seminars will lift educator's confidence and help them move past doubts!"

Dolores Licon
Oxnard School District

"I have been constantly encouraged, uplifted, benefited by Katherine's insights and knowledge of whatever confused or discouraged me along the way. Katherine listens, considers, suggests, responds and recommends according to the issues at hand and the individual needs of both the kids, their parents and educators. I always leave Katherine feeling better about myself, able to laugh at life and its challenges."

Kathleen Schneiderman
North Hollywood, CA

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